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Debate #2 - The Constitution

(If I am not meant to be start detbates, do tell me and I will cease and stop!)

Is the Constitution a good or a bad thing?

We don't appear to have one over here. I could be wrong, but I think that the laws are just made up as they go along (for want of a better phrase) and a law can not be stopped on the basis that it goes against the "user manual".

And honestly I think we are better off for it. Because times change, and society should change with them. Something that is written two hundred years ago might not apply any more. For example what if the UK Consitution had a section saying that the practicing of religions other than Christianity was punishable by death? Nowadays that is unacceptable, but 200 years ago I am pretty sure no one would have minded.

And once it is written in stone (so to speak) it is impossible to get rid of. Prohibition is an example of that. The US Constitution still contains the 18th amendment that started prohibition - it couldn't be removed. Another amendment had to be added to fix the problem.

All in all I think the Foudning Fathers made a big mistake in having one.

Anyone disagree?
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