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#3 - The Arm Of The Lord

From "A Proportional Response" (1x03)

So my friend, if you want to start using American military strength as the arm of the Lord, you can do that, we're the only superpower left

You are sat at a table in a cafe. For no reason the guy takes a bottle out and breaks it across the head of his wife. He then kicks her and beats her up.

You stand up, go over and stop him.

I think everyone would agree that that is fair.

But if you then proceed to kick the life out of him, then drag him down to the police station, it is not beyond reason the police would take you in as well for assault, GBH and battery.

Does any country have the right to decide the foreign policy of another? To use overwhelming force to stop an internal conflict? (e.g. Hussien's massacre of the Kurds) To use their military force to act as the world's police?

(Note - I am not talking specifically about the recent invasion of Iraq. I am asking if a country has the right to decide the fate of another, just because it is bigger and stronger?)

I am guessing you can probably tell my views on this - I think it is immoral, wrong and bad.

Anyone else?
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